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Short Monologues for Actors – A collection of funny, dramatic and suspenseful short monologues. Whether you want to make them laugh or cry Dee Cliburn’s collection short monologues for men and women will captivate your audience.

School Sucks


A 10 Minute Duologue

by Dee Cliburn

AT RISE:…………….. In Adaptive Behavior high school classroom, Katrina evacuee RODNEY looks at magazine, sucks on flashing pacifier, raps. JOSH lies on floor, fetal position. RODNEY is black, JOSH is white.


Son of a biscuit!


Women Monologues Previews

Wild Things ~ Grandma

What will she find when she gets to her daughter, Crystal’s house this time? That bastard left her and Angel, her granddaughter, took the boy, her grandson, Joey, with him.  She can always tell when there’s trouble brewing in that house.  Crystal was a wild thing and she married a wild thing and now look at where’s it’s got her.  She’ll be passed out on the couch, sniffin’ again, drinkin’ again. Oh, what will Grandma find this time?  Who’ll be in charge?  Angel?  She’s just a baby.  Why, the precious girl’s just comin’ up on sixteen years.

Wild Things

A 10 Minute Monologue

by Dee Cliburn

 AT RISE: ANGEL marks hopscotch squares, then jumps and chants.

ANGEL (Skipping on sidewalk)


barely missing the cracks. What if I make a misstep? Is that what’s happened already? But when? Which crack? . . . DO IT! GO AHEAD AND DO IT!

The Best Halloween Party Ever

Do you love parties, especially Halloween parties? Now let’s play-like…picture this…the room is dark, except for the few candle-lit lamps scattered here and there in your living room. You have invited people who love ghost stories, especially writers, but there are many other friends. Invite the children and let them know early about the art and the magic of story-telling.