May 2 2012

The Awesome Audition – Choosing the Right Monologue Part Three

PART THREE:  The Material

Monologues are used for a variety of reasons within plays. To share a thought, a story, an emotional outburst. A revealing character moment. A private moment between the character and the audience. What makes a monologue an amazing audition choice?

Choose a monologue that is….

Apr 28 2012

Selection process for the Americas got talent audition

Article by Urmil Sanghvi

Mar 26 2012

Audition for Nickelodeon: What You Need to Know While Auditioning for Nickelodeon

Article by Urmil Sanghvi

Finding a role in television acting gives you the ideal launching pad to a successful career in acting. Many successful actors and actresses have found their way to greater fame by starting out as actors in television shows. However, the field is extremely competitive. But with acting experience, perseverance and a good agent, you can get an opportunity to audition for a television show, such as the Nickelodeon.