Aug 2 2010

Wild Things ~ Grandma


Jan 13 2010

The Red Wall


SEBASTIAN, mid forties or fifties, is a custodian at a library and lives in a cold water flat.  HE has befriended RACHEL, a street person, and wanting to help her, he invites her for tea.  As she enters, he paints a wall red.  Their relationship grows with exchanges of life experiences, conversation of red walls and people who choose them.  “You’ve never painted a wall red?  A pity…I misjudged you.”

Jan 13 2010

Another Airport


A 10 Minute Duologue

By Dee Cliburn

AT RISE:………………..BAXTER, a college professor who loves his female students too much, and GRETA, his wife rush from their house to their car.  SHE carries suitcases. 


The airport?



Jan 13 2010

Monster Oak


His “devil woman” dares him to meet her at midnight at the swampland’s Monster Oak.  How can he refuse?  She’s playing him and someone has to lose.  He cannot refuse, though the night is filled with darkness and its creepy things.  Who will win?

Apr 5 2009

Don’t Call Me Girlie


Dixie is a country girl with big, hard arm muscles. She got them from swinging her baseball bat, like her daddy, a baseball player, taught her. He left Mama a long time ago, went up to Colorado, to the mountains. He sent her a postcard once with snow and big, green fur trees on it. He’ll send for her some day. In the meantime, she’ll keep on getting counseling from the preacher and try to overcome her problem. She keeps running Mama’s boyfriends off–in her own special way.