Selection process for the Americas got talent audition

Article by Urmil Sanghvi

The process for the Americas got talent audition involves a long process. The selection process involves the first step as coming to the various cities in the search of talent for the season. These auditions are held in theaters and most of them are producer’s auditions. This round of the auditions is held before the judges’ audition round. It is also held in various cities and is televised also. Judges auditions involve the acts which are selected from the producer’s audition round which were held before. In this process participants have to perform in front of the live audience. There is a list of the rounds of the American got talent auditions: –

Judge’s auditions: – after the round of the producers audition participants will have to perform in front of the 3 judges. All the judges are celebrities. There is a buzzer with the judges. If judges press the buzzer, you will have to stop the act of performance. If you get this buzzer three times in your act, you will be put into the X zone which means that you will not be able to perform anymore. If you get 2 or 3 yes votes during your act, you will be selected to the next round. The points and the reactions of the audience affect the votes of the judges. Therefore, you must entertain the audience. The audience can decide whether you will go the next round or not.

Las Vegas week: – it is an intermediate audition between the judge’s audition and the live shows on TV. This round also involves the acts in front of the judges. Participants who have been selected from the judge’s audition get a chance to perform here. This performance decides who will go for the live shows. Judges choose the ten acts out of all which are then passed to the live shows. When the ten participants have been chosen there are chances that other won’t be performing now.

Live shows: – live shows are the most important part. Here the participants have to perform every week to get the votes from the audience and the judges as well. There are so many rounds in the show which have to be won in order to win the show. Here the best performer gets the highest votes. Therefore, it is necessary to perform well and consistently in the show every week.

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