Wild Things ~ Grandma


What will she find when she gets to her daughter, Crystal’s house this time? That bastard left her and Angel, her granddaughter, took the boy, her grandson, Joey, with him.  She can always tell when there’s trouble brewing in that house.  Crystal was a wild thing and she married a wild thing and now look at where’s it’s got her.  She’ll be passed out on the couch, sniffin’ again, drinkin’ again. Oh, what will Grandma find this time?  Who’ll be in charge?  Angel?  She’s just a baby.  Why, the precious girl’s just comin’ up on sixteen years.

A Women Monologues Drama…30 seconds (F)….$0.99 — a classroom favorite.

* This monologue is under contract to J.D. Drama Publishing for schools, classroom and tournament competition. It is available from the author for non-educational purposes.

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